Wow-- I'm truly lacking on this whole blogging thing lately.

As you may have noticed this website has gone under a bit of a change. I just wanted to add a little clarification in terms of the new direction I'm heading in with this website. Since beginning this blog I've had many people tell me that the photographs I take are what they enjoy the most. Because of that, I've had some promotional offers from companies to provide photos for whatever it is that their selling. This started as something I would do for fun but has since become something I want to take seriously as a possible side-career choice. I've developed this site into more of a portfolio to show what I can really do behind the camera and will continue to update this blog as more of a diary of my life events such as these, and to give you all some truly quality posts.
Quality over Quantity has been my new motto as of late, and it's really working for me.

Anywho--enough chit chat and back to this post. I haven't done an ootd in so long, I thought why not put one up and give you all a little update on life. Summer in Oregon has been B-R-U-T-A-L and doesn't show any signs of letting up. Although denim can be heavy, these thrifted Calvin Klein jeans are not in the slightest and they go perfectly with this grid patterned blouse I picked up at Old Navy.
Onto the piece of this ensemble I know you all want to know about, the bag. This darling clutch is from the company I've recently been employed at--Minnie + George; a leather goods company specializing in handbags like this beauty. You can get one here.

That's it for this post! How has life been for you lately? Are you ready for the Fall? Let me know in the comments!