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Interview with German Madrigal: Winner of UPNXT Emerging Designer

As a content contributor for FashioNXT, Portland's premiere fashion show, I've had the opportunity to help their social media team document the preparation process since late this summer. With the shows just around the corner (Oct. 7-10, see you there!) I thought it was time to hear what a designer had to say about their experience so far. 

German Madrigal is a young Portland designer with quite the resume. Since beginning his design education in the heart of downtown Portland he began a partnership with local designer and friend, Ryan Edmonds on a collaboration of designs that has been very well received. The garments were seen by eyes everywhere, including the runway of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Now German is going it alone; debuting his first solo collection on the runway of FashioNxt. He has been documenting the process through teaser photos on his instagram page (@german.madrigal) and I couldn't wait to have a full view of the designs. I had the opportunity to speak with German about his inspirations and hopes for his first solo collection--Equilibrium.

Photo C/O Alex Hoxie & Jordan Lacsina

Photo C/O Alex Hoxie & Jordan Lacsina

Photo C/O Alex Hoxie & Jordan Lacsina

Photo C/O Alex Hoxie & Jordan Lacsina

Q: What was the inspiration behind Equilibrium?
The first inspiration came from this wall I drove passed one day while I was downtown; it was a multi-colored mural made up of all of these cooler blues and purples, "feminine" tones. It worked so well against the more "masculine" structure of the wall, and was the basis for this collection: structured asymmetrical pieces that work well for the masculine and feminine.

Q: What has this process been like for you? How does FashioNxt differ from other shows you've done?
A: The process has definitely been different, I'm on my own this time so it's a different experience not having someone there to bounce idea off of, but it's also amazing to see what you're capable of on your own. I'm so happy to be debuting this collection at FashioNxt, it's home.

Q: What are your thoughts going into this and what are your hopes coming out of it?
A: Well, my initial thoughts and hopes is that others will like the designs. Doing a completely unisex line is a little different, but deep down I think it's something that's needed for fashion. I can't tell you how many times I wander over to the women's section when shopping for clothes--This is a women's jumpsuit that I'm wearing right now. My hope longterm is that by seeing more designs that are wearable and can truly work for both sexes, people won't be afraid to branch out and really get what they want out of their clothing.

A huge thank you to German for answering my questions! Be sure to check out his collection debut October 8th on the runway at FashioNxt. Get tickets here

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