An Afternoon in the Pearl: Aesop Skincare

This afternoon I found myself walking down Burnside with Maranda, a fellow Portland blogger, after getting coffee at Barista. (if you haven't gone already, go! You can read my post on it here). I tend to hang around The Pearl District more often than other parts of Portland, so I usually know what to expect as far as which stores are in that area. Imagine my surprise as we continued down the sidewalk and I realized the store I was walking right past was Aesop! Aesop is a skincare company that carries products ranging from facial masks to body scrubs to shaving kits for men; it can be a bit pricey but after this visit I can definitely say it's worth the money. I had been researching the brand for months and, although it's been around for years, I had recently decided I was going to try it out. I had planned to order something online but low and behold, Portland has a store now; and not just a store but two! Apparently they moved into the Portland area in July and did well enough in the first few months to open up a second location. When we went inside I was blown away by the interior. Everything was extremely organized and just seemed to fit really well together in a sort of modern/minimalistic apothecary theme. I tried out a yummy Body Balm which contained Tangerine, Vanille, and Sandalwood and had a great time snapping some photos of the store. The woman working was welcoming, helpful, and very informed about the brand which was a huge plus because, as I said earlier, I was preparing to purchase some of their products online. I didn't buy anything that visit, but I did come away with some great samples and you can bet I'm coming back for that Body Balm. 

Have you tried Aesop? What do you think of their products or which is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below.

Much love.