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Jacket & Sunglasses  - F21,  Shirt  - American Apparel,  Bag  - H&M,  Jeans  - Garage,  Boots  - Solestruck

Jacket & Sunglasses - F21, Shirt - American Apparel, Bag - H&M, Jeans - Garage, Boots - Solestruck

Yay for getting back to some good ol' outfit posts! I snagged these leather booties at the Solestruck Sample sale (which I wrote a little post about; you can check that out here). I've been dying to style these shoes since I brought them home. These are the Mars Booties from Rachel Comey and, although they would look amazing with anything, I think they went nicely with this classic jeans, t-shirt, and leather jacket look. My friend Molly and I took some photos of each other (you can check out of the photos I took of her herebefore heading to Directors park to check out Exhibit Growth which was in town. 

If you didn't get the chance to go and check it out while it was here, Exhibit Growth is an interactive exhibit where you create the art. The exhibit is held inside of an igloo shaped dome, which in itself is pretty cool. The dome is split into four private sectors so 4 people are inside at a time getting to experience the exhibit. When you enter the dome, you stand in front of a screen and a sensor, kind of what you would find on a Nintendo Wii or Xbox Kinect. Once your body is recognized by the sensor, you begin to make movements; any kind of movements. This is the fun part because the way your body moves affects the contents on the screen as it goes through different stages. Finally, a virtual little seed appears on the screen and this is where you shake it like crazy because the way you move your body creates a virtual tree that is specific to your movements! Cool right?! The whole part of the interactive exhibit is supposed to remind us that we all are forces of nature and we all must continue to grow, even through dark parts in our lives. What better way to get the message across then to have you grow your own tree? At the end of the virtual experience you have the option to go into these little photo booths and superimpose the tree you created onto a profile photo of yourself. This is how my tree photo came out.

Overall I was very impressed with Exhibit Growth. I love the idea of interactive exhibits because it's a really innovative way to get people to take an interest in art who may have never been very interested before. You can check out more about Exhibit Growth here. They're planning to set the exhibit up in a lot of cities so if they come to your town, definitely go check it out!

Did you check out Exhibit Growth or have you been to any other interactive exhibits before? What did you think? Let me know in the comments!

Much Love.