My Top 5: Tulum

I just got back from a much needed Birthday getaway in Tulum Mexico! Before heading to Tulum, I did a TON of research on hotels, beach clubs, boutiques and restaurants. There are so many handy travel guides you can access online or via Pinterest or Instagram. I pin pointed each spot that interested me the most and made a effort to visit every one! From that original list, I selected my favorites to share with you! Here are my top 5 must see spots in Tulum.


Matcha Mama

I'm not a huge coffee drinker, so when it comes to caffeine, I turn to matcha which is why I was so happy to come across the adorable cafe stand. The menu has a great variety of items from matcha latté's to acaî bowls and even ice cream! The staff is super friendly and decor is adorable. I vote that every cafe start using swings instead of ordinary chairs!

Tulum Travel Tip: Set an itinerary. Before leaving town we researched each place we wanted to stop at and made sure we knew the location beforehand. This made planning stops that were closer to each other much easier and also gave us ample time throughout our day to explore new things that weren't on our schedule.


Casa Malca

Pablo Escobar's mansion turned exclusive boutique hotel. This spot took us a minute to find, as they don't mark it super clearly. Once you arrive though, the friendly staff escort you through the gate and direct you to the main lobby area where the decor is like something out of a desert dream. Mid-Century chairs and couches hanging from large chains accompanied by curtains made from old wedding dresses. Even if you aren't staying in Casa Malca, it's nearby other beach spots and definitely worth the visit for a cool photo-op.

Tulum Travel Tip: Download Whatsapp for taxi's! We were able to text cab drivers when and where we needed to be picked up, it was a pretty seamless way to get around!



Posada Margherita

This is one that wasn't on my original list. While in Tulum, we stayed in a wonderful 2 bedroom condo called Arthouse. Many of the beach clubs you can access in Tulum, will require you to order drinks to be able to stay there. Thanks to Arthouse's partnership with Posada, we were able to stay there as long as we wanted without feeling pressured to buy drinks. We laid out in the sun, relaxed in cabana's and had some of the most delicious fresh juice I think I've ever had in my life. Definitely a must visit!

Tulum Travel Tip: Carry cash! Almost every place we ventured to in Tulum was cash only. Highly recommend stopping by your bank before leaving town for the best exchange rates.


Grand Cenote

Possibly my favorite spot in all of Tulum. The Cenote's in Tulum are valley's of freshwater swimming holes where adorable turtles hang out and the water is so clear it's unbelievable. We stopped by the biggest Cenote on our second day of the trip and I didn't want to leave! It was a short 15min cab ride away from our condo and after paying a small entry fee we enjoyed the clear pool for hours! Do not miss out on the cenote's here, trust me!

Tulum Travel Tip:: Get there early to beat the crowds! The Cenote's open around 9am, we arrived a little before 11am and even then it was packed!



I had what was probably my favorite birthday dinner yet right here at Gitano. Gitano is one of the best known restaurants in Tulum, known for it's modern jungle atmosphere and delicious drinks. We ordered a little of everything from their food menu and I swear that was the best meal we had the entire trip! Don't miss out on the Pork Belly and Grilled Avocado. Highly recommend their tasty selection of fresh juices.

Tulum Travel Tip: You can make your reservation online and reserve early if you want to grab some adorable photos in the daylight. Dinner there starts at 6pm!

Thanks for checking out this post! If you want to see more of what we did in Tulum, you can check out the video diary here.

- C