24 Hours in McMinnville, OR

Recently, my friend March and I decided we needed a getaway. Away from work, family drama and just get some time to relax. So when the McMinnville tourism board reached out, it was almost like fate. Neither of us had been and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to see a new place for a bit and have a break! We didn’t really know what to expect, but it turns out McMinnville is basically one of the wine capitals of the country. It’s home to over 400 wineries and is really starting to bloom. Since we spend about a full day in the town, I decided to put together this quick guide of must-see spots if you or your loved ones decide to take a trip there! Here are all of the places we visited on our 24-hour trip to McMinnville, OR. Enjoy!


Explore Red Ridge Farms by Durant Vineyards
5430 NE Breyman Orchards Rd

Durant was easily my favorite part of this entire trip. We arrived earlier in the day, around 11, and were introduced to Lee, Durant’s Marketing Manager who took us around the grounds. Not only is the entire vineyard stunning, but we were given an in-depth look at the history of the family and how involved they have been with the growth and production of all of their products. I say ‘all’ because not only do they produce delicious wine, they also own the first (and, I think only) commercial Olive Mill in the northwest. They have been able to achieve the previously unachievable by growing and producing their own olive oil here in Oregon. There was much to see at the Durant property, we honestly could have spent all day there but do be sure to explore the vineyards and stop by the gift shop and take home some of their olive oil products. I highly recommend this place as a must-see while in town.


Lunch at Valley Commissary
920 NE 8th St

Lunch was at the surprisingly green and tasty Valley Commissary. I didn’t know what to expect from McMinnville dining, but driving through the town I will admit I was not expecting this. We enjoyed a flavorful and extremely satisfying lunch that was prepared and delivered to the table super quickly. I enjoyed a turkey club while March took part in their all day weekend brunch and got the chicken and waffles. Both dishes were very enjoyable. Lee from Durant also recommended the beet salad to us and it did not disappoint.


Check-In at the Atticus Hotel
375 NE Ford St

Another highlight from the trip. We were treated like royalty right upon arrival as bubbly was poured and baggage was promptly taken up to our spacious room. I was in awe of this gorgeous hotel which was recently built but felt almost like it had been in the town for generations. The staff was extremely accommodating and we enjoyed exploring the grounds as much as possible before heading to our next activity. Another unexpected bonus—the soaps and shampoo’s were created in partnership with Maak Lab, a local favorite of mine who have also created some of my favorite scents including a fierce diffuser oil with Knot Springs and a cult favorite candle with Tusk. Needless to say I headed home with a newly purchased bottle in my bag.


Wine-Tasting at Elizabeth Chambers Cellar
455 NE Irvine St

I was equally as impressed with the experience at Elizabeth Chambers as I was with Durant, but for different reasons. While the Durant property was full of vast and spacious greenery, the EC cellar felt more like a city dwellers wine haven. The staff at EC were also very accommodating, especially Drew! Make sure you get to chat with him if he’s around during your visit. I really enjoyed learning about the history of the late Elizabeth Chambers and spending time tasting their crisp Pinot Noir selection.


Ride a Bike to Dinner

Felt like a kid again after taking the Atticus up on their free bike rentals. Sign a short waiver and off you go. March and I didn’t ride them for very long, but enough time to really enjoy ourselves. I would imagine these Dutch Bikes would be a dream to get around the town in. Next time I definitely plan to explore 3rd street on them.

Tapas at La Rambla
238 NE 3rd St

La Rambla was our final destination for the evening and well worth the stop. We arrived just before 6pm so there was no wait. The staff was friendly and attentive and the food was incredible! We opted out of the paella due to the 45min wait—we were starving upon arrival, but thoroughly enjoyed the entrées we did order. I was especially a fan of the green beans and Patatas Bravas. A must try!


That’s it for this post! Thanks for checking out my quick guide to McMinnville. Huge thanks to Visit McMinnville for the hospitality during this trip! If you do decide to head there one day leave a comment and tell me about how your trip went! Also be sure to keep up with my over on my Instagram for more travel and lifestyle content.