Why Building Confidence is Equal to Building any Skill


The ultimate purpose of this journal is to document my life and journey through body positivity and self-love. Part of that involves my journey of self-confidence and through one post or another you have probably seen me talking about how I compare confidence to a skill like learning to cook or learning a language. Some of you have asked why I make that comparison.

In short, Confidence is something you work at over time. It is a skill, not a character trait. You aren’t born with it .


Of course, some of us may be born with character traits that allow us to tap into confidence more easily than others, but confidence in itself is an attainable skill that we should all learn to maintain. Above all, confidence requires practice! The nerves that you feel on the first day of a new job or the feeling of dread some of us get when heading to buy a new pair of jeans? That can go away the more you work at it. Generally, the more familiar with a situation you are, the easier it becomes. The same goes for your body, once you’re able to become more comfortable with yourself or your surroundings, then you relax and become more confident in your environment.

I know, I know, easier said than done. Confidence isn’t going to just come to you after reading this entry, but it’s crucial that you are accept that it is a learned skill so that your mindset around your confidence can start to shift. If you continue in life believing that some people have confidence and some don’t, you likely believe it’s something you’ll never really achieve and give up. WE DON’T WANT THAT! I am a firm believer that everyone, especially women, deserve to live as our most confident selves; because with confidence comes self-assurance and self-love.

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Most importantly, you should find the reason WHY you want to acquire confidence, Want to become more assertive at your job? Learning to love your curves? Ditching a bad breakup? Figure out whatever it is in your life that needs to change, then start applying these lessons to your situation. It will not happen overnight, but if you are consistent it will happen. Because it is a lengthy process, you need a clear reason WHY up front, so you can remind yourself of it, when things get tough, and you feel like giving up. Be patient with yourself, because after all you are changing who you are, so it is a worthy goal. Cheers to a more confident you!

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- C.

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