Quick Guide to Oahu: 5 Must See Spots!


I returned back from my Oahu trip 2 weeks ago today and I’m excited to FINALLY be sitting down to write this post. For those of you interested in what this island has to offer, I give you the perfect “aesthetically pleasing” guide to Oahu. Just a few key places we explored and really loved. Enjoy!


Hale’iwa Bowls:

Adorable Acaî spot on the North Shore. Delicious bowls with a lot of flavor variety! Juices and smoothies are also offered, but I highly recommend their Hapa Bowl ($8 small $11 large) or their Blue Majik bowl pictured above with spirulina. ($10 small, $13 large)


The Surfjack Hotel

I can’t say anything else except I LOVE this hotel. From it’s bright blue pool with adorable “Wish you were here” messaging to the stunning gift shop with coffee spot attached. The Surfjack is definitely a place you can’t miss staying in! Located on the South shore (Waikiki) it is a beautiful mix of old Palm Springs and new spin on the mid-century modern design. For the first few nights we did an Airbnb which was lovely, but I highly recommend transitioning to a hotel on your last few nights. The available restaurant right downstairs and comfortable fresh beds were a welcome change of pace.


Paiko + Arvo:

Sharing an adorable minimalist designed building near Waikiki, Arvo and Paiko are an Instagrammers dream. Arvo is a luxe cafe with a menu complete with beautiful open faced toast and the most delicious matcha whipped chia pudding I’ve ever had. Not only was it filling, it wasn’t bad to look at either. After you finish lunch at Arvo (or even while you’re waiting for your meal) take a look at what Paiko has to offer; the adorable flower stand just inside is filled with colorful blooms sure to make your vision of Hawaii even more beautiful.


Ho’omaluhia Botanical Garden:

No Oahu island guide would be complete without the coveted Botanical Garden shot. Located about 35 minutes West of Waikiki, we spent the earlier part of our afternoon exploring the vast miles this garden has to offer before circling back at the entrance where the iconic photo spot is located. I swear I thought I heard the Jurassic park theme playing in the background as this photo was being taken. Do beware, this was not as easy of a photo to get as it looks. Due to the visitor build up around this particular spot, park security typically sit and watch to discourage people from taking too long getting their photo. Luckily, we came at a good enough time where no one else was around. I recommend either coming early or scoping out another of the many lush photo spots in this garden!

That’s it for this quick guide! Thank you for taking the time to check it out. I hope it’s inspired some stops on your upcoming Oahu trip.
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