My Vashon Vacation

I recently decided to take a weekend retreat up to Vashon Island in northern Washington. After reading a raving article about the area on Portland Monthly's website, I thought I should have a look for myself. The island itself is about 3 hours North of Portland and requires a ferry to access it. I packed my bags and headed off early Friday afternoon.

The place I'd booked to stay was also mentioned in the "PoMo" article, a cluster of small minimally decorated cabins made up the Lodges on Vashon, one of Vashon's only locations for tourists to stay. After peaking at the photos I saw online I knew this place was right up my alley. The Scadinavian inspired design of each lodge was visually stunning. The photos online did not do it justice and I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived in my lodge.

My lodge was extremely neat, and came with a king size bed that was probably the most comfortable mattress I've slept on in a while, if not all of my life. There was a side nook area that included a smaller dining table and a comfy chair that I was able to make into a little work station for myself. The bathroom set up was interesting and included with a separate room for the toilet and a shower room with doors that opened up onto a private patio, regardless I was into it.

The wet bar area included a mini fridge and microwave. Although there are a number of places to eat nearby, I decided to seize the opportunity to make a delicious antipasti dinner for myself.

Is addition to the gorgeous interior of the lodges, the exteriors were equally as beautiful, specifically a communal area for guests that included posh seating and an outdoor fireplace. On day 2 before heading home I decided to make my way around town and headed 10-15 minutes toward the beach where I happened upon an adorable lighthouse!

I really enjoyed my stay at the Lodges on Vashon I can only hope that one day my apartment will be as aesthetically pleasing as that lodge was. Although the high season is through and the weather on Vashon will no doubt be getting cooler, I could still see myself returning to the island for another quick vacation. Maybe next time I'll bring a friend along!

Thanks for checking out this post! Have you paid a visit to Vashon Island? What did you think of your stay? Let me know in the comments below. Although this post is NOT sponsored by the Lodges on Vashon, I highly recommend you check out their website and maybe book a trip if you're feeling in need of a short getaway.

All the best,
- C

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