Spring Skincare Series - YTTP / b-glowing

Spring is on it's way, the Winter cold is passing (slowly) and your beauty regimen is probably beginning a transition. In the midst of all of these changes, you may be looking for some new products to try this season. Well, you've come to the right place. I've decided to dedicate the month of February to exploring some new skincare companies who's products have been catching my eye. I'm excited to announce Youth to the People as company #1!

Youth to the People is still in it's infancy years, or should I say year as their first presence on social media began just 52 weeks ago to the day. They're a California based company that I've been following for the last 4 months or so. I love when a company has their branding down perfectly, and these guys have it DOWN--Look at that packaging! I was getting ready to test it out for myself when I was contacted by the lovely people at b-glowing, offering to send me over some items. I don't know how I got so lucky!

b-glowing is a PDX based beauty network that sends all the up-and-coming beauty brands we'll soon know and love right to your door. They thrive off of carrying the best beauty and skincare products first and offering easy, seamless service to their customers. Working with b-glowing was probably the easiest beauty purchasing experience I've had in a long time. The shipping was fast and packaged so nicely, they even threw in some extra gifts! In case you need anymore reasons to try out their service, they took the liberty of listing them on their site for you.

I was so excited b-glowing reached out, because it finally meant getting to try out a brand I'd been following for so long!

Youth to the People currently offer 3 products all in their "Age Prevention" line. I may only be 20 years old, but ladies we all know that our skin isn't getting any younger. I for one am willing to take any precaution I can to ensure those wrinkles stay far away. Upon receiving my YTTP items, I immediately took them out and assessed every inch from the packaging, to the smell of the product, to its consistency. Let me tell you, I was not disappointed. The packaging is a thick glass that's both sturdy and professional and smell is the freshest Green Tea scent you could ever experience apart from literally drinking Green Tea. I did want to comment on their labeling as well as that's what got me interested in them from the beginning, minimalist type font with a modern apothecary feel. Right up my alley. As you can probably tell, I had way too much fun photographing these products.

I'm thinking I'll come back with a part 2 to this post to discuss how the product has been working for me over time. I wanted to get an initial review up first as more of an introduction and also a thank you to b-glowing for giving me the opportunity to try these items out. If you'd like to see a Part 2 to this YTTP post, let me know in the comments below and leave a like if you wish!


Thanks for checking out this post! Be sure to check out YTTP
As well as b-glowing, especially if you're in the PDX area. They've been amazing to work with.
Next week will be a more Valentines day themed post so if you're looking for some V-Day beauty be sure to look out for that.
I'm so excited to share what I have in store for the next few skincare posts!

- C.