What's On My iPhone | Photography

A moment of appreciation for my artistic Drake wallpaper.

Since beginning this blog, I have been asked more about my editing routine and my Instagram page more than anything else. Most of the questions about the editing software and the camera I use can be answered on my FAQ page, but I decided to answer the questions I get that are more relative to my Instagram in one big post. After blogging for a year I feel like I've come a pretty long way in terms of my photography. Of course, photography isn't just snapping photos, you have to have en eye for it, but I am very particular about how I like my photos to look and I work hard to acheive those certain looks. When it comes to Instagram, the apps I use have been very helpful. Below I have listed my top 3 Photography apps and what I use them for!


1. VSCOcam 

VSCO has become my go-to app for editing Instagram photos. It's so easy to use and has an abundance of selections for editing literally at your fingertips. The VSCO company has done wonders creating a community of people who share similar aesthetics or just enjoy viewing others editing styles. When editing, I typically go for stark whites for my background and either warm or cool objects in the photo. I typically select the filters A6-SE3 and when I want a warmer look I will occasionally go for M5. The brightness tool is also very handy, but my personal favorite would be the contrast. It lifts and lowers it the perfect amount for maximum color payoff as well as sharpness.

What I love the most about editing with the VSCOcam app is something I think most Instagramers can relate to: matching your feed. You want your feed to look nice and presentable, maybe not so matchy-matchy, but having a cohesive look to your page can have a number of benefits. Apparently the people of VSCO have realized this as well and have included a view setting that replicates your Instagram feed so you can know what the photo would look like before you even post it. I use this all of the time when posting photos. It helps to know beforehand that something will look good on your feed, or won't look too similar to things you've posted more recently.


Manual is an app that's a little newer to my phone but it's quickly becoming a favorite. This app essentially turns your phone into a DSLR camera; you can adjust the white balance, ISO and more! It's perfect for people who love the look and the control of a DSLR but, if you're like me, don't really see the point in carrying your DSLR around at all times.

This is also a huge help to bloggers who are beginning and may not have access to a DSLR camera right away. Of course it doesn't replace the look of a DSLR completely, but if you want that slight out of focus background or really white whites, this is a massive help!

If you're a photography beginner, I recommend you download this app to get some first hand experience at what the ISO and Shutter Speed is all about. 


Talk about a throw-back app. I think Afterlight was the first editing app I'd ever used after getting an Instagram account. I still love this app, it's got great filters as well as great editing tools for your photos. Although I don't use this app very much for the filters anymore, I love using it for cropping. The VSCOcam app is the worst at cropping images, especially into squares. One crop and your image is such low quality it's ridiculous. When I do feel the need to crop my images in or into a square, Afterlight is my go-to.

That's it for this post! If you already use these apps or end up downloading them in the future, tell me what you think of them!

Would you be interested in seeing what else is on my iPhone? I've been debating if I should make this into a couple of posts including music and fashion apps. Let me know in the comments if it's something you'd like to see!

- C