I'm so happy to be starting this new segment for the month of June! If you didn't spot the post on my instagram, I'll be doing weekly posts for this month all about my wardrobe! Check back every Sunday to see what I've got going on in this closet of mine. This first post is all about the Old and the New. I'm showing you the two oldest and newest items currently in my closet.

Let's start with the oldest...

Technically, this isn't the oldest piece as in "I've had it for a long time." I tend to rotate pieces in and out of my wardrobe pretty often (probably more often than I should). The only things I don't really rotate out are the staples, but if I went with those there would be a photo of a plain white T-shirt here instead, so I decided to go for "oldest" as in, the year it was made. (1990's)

For months I'd been searching for a great light-wash denim jacket. You really can't go wrong with denim jackets, especially nowadays. They're so versatile! I came across this one in House of Vintage and had to have it, It goes with just about everything especially my neutral pieces.

The Newest item is this gorgeous, partly sheer, dress I picked up at H&M last week. I don't want to show too much of it, an outfit post is on the way, but I adore this dress! To be honest, I feel like it may be meant to be a swimsuit cover, but throw a nude colored piece underneath and you're good to go! Stark White is definitely a color that's here to stay for the summer, as well as tie-fronts; I'm seeing them everywhere! The floral detailing helps add a more dainty effect to the number, I can't wait to wear this thing!

Thanks for checking out this post! Don't forget to check back next Sunday for a new post where I discuss the biggest bargain I managed to find and add to my wardrobe!

- C