What's in my Bag: Music Festival

Coachella may be over, but we are still in prime concert season my friends.

This time next week I will be heading out to the Washington Gorge for Sasquatch Music Festival. I've always wanted to attend Sasquatch, and this year I'm finally getting the chance! With great friends and a superb lineup, it's sure to be a fantastic Memorial Day weekend.

Although I've never attended Sasquatch, I'm no rookie to the music festival. I recently counted up my saved ticket stubs from years passed and altogether I've attended around 120 concerts since the age of 13. (I know, WHAT?!) Among those, I think I've attended about 10 festivals. It takes quite a bit of practice to know what to bring with you to an overnight festival, and even more to know what to bring in your concert bag. Your concert bag is arguably the most important thing you pack when getting ready for a festival since it's the bag you'll be taking with you from the campsite through the gates. If, like at Sasquatch, the gates are quite a walk from the Campsite, you'll want to make sure you have everything you need for the day packed into that bag of yours.

Some of the more basic packing items aside (food, water, earplugs, sunscreen...) I've compiled a list of items I will be packing into my Sasquatch festival bag:

  1. Disposable Camera - Unless you have a press pass, your DSLR camera will have to stay back at the campsite. A regular point and shoot camera, or your phone works just as well, but I love the look a disposable film camera gives. Even if you feel you're content with just your phone, bringing a disposable along will give your photos a different perspective.
  2. Notebook - A music festival means multiple bands compacted onto just a few stages. Writing down set times is crucial for knowing where you need to be to see your favorite band at what time. Also, for those who'd rather keep this list in your phone, I'd still recommend writing down the times in case your phone dies/accidentally deletes the list!
  3. Sunglasses - No brainer, bring at least one pair for style and for blocking out those UV rays.
  4. Perfume Rollerball - Optional, but helpful. You're most likely going to sweat while you're out there enjoying those tunes; bringing a rollerball or deodorant with you can save you, and those around you.
  5. Lip Balm - I can't tell you the amount of times I've been at a concert and been in desperate need of lip balm. I carry one in my bag at all times now to combat that crust!
  6. Portable Battery Pack - SO IMPORTANT! If you only take one thing away from this post, let this be it! Your phone, or your friends phone will die throughout the day. You don't want to be in the middle of your favorite bands performance when it happens. Bring AT LEAST one of these in your bag. I also recommend taking a solar charger along to have at the campsite so you always have a way to charge your phone. You won't regret it!
  7. Lens clip - Another optional, but still helpful. This is a newer item for me as I haven't used this at other festivals. It helps get more of your image in the photo, and gives that quirky fish-eye effect! If you're taking square photos for Instagram this helps A LOT. No one wants to have to crop out all the fun their having.

For Obvious reasons the cactus will have to stay out of my festival bag, I just thought it was too cute not to add into the photos!

Thanks for checking out this post! Are you heading to any festivals this summer? I hope this is useful if you are. Also, what are some things I didn't mention that you're planning to carry in your festival bag? Let me know in the comments below.

- C.