I'd been hearing way too much about Tea Bar this past week, so I knew when the weekend hit I'd have to pay a visit and see it for myself. If you haven't been, Tea Bar is a newly renovated cafe (I believe they popped up on Killingsworth in December) that serves a few kinds of teas from a condensed, but easy to navigate menu. If you're like me and you don't drink coffee, this is the perfect place to be. They offer a few different options on how your tea can be served (iced, hot, flavorings, including peppermint and lavender, with or without milk) and their menu seems to be expanding as the months go on. I believe it was just this week that they added flavors to a few of their steamers. The tea really is great, but the design of this place is what had me in awe. The minimalistic decor and light airy presence of Tea Bar really makes you stop and look around. From the mason jar cups, to the reading material; Aesthetically, my mind was blown.

Overall I was so pleased by my visit Tea Bar, my only regret was that I hadn't stopped by here earlier! Now that I have, I think I may have found my new study/hangout destination. If you haven't been to Tea Bar I encourage you to pay a visit, their baristas we're very pleasant and helped me decide on a Matcha shake, which was very tasty. They're located on NE 16th & Killingsworth, open from 8-8 daily. For more information check out their website & for even more information & updates, follow their Instagram account

- C.