Sasqwatch Co. Watches

Finally, A watch for the minimalist millennial's. 

If you've been to New York, or even just seen the movies you know the city is no joke. People are everywhere, always with a place to be and there's rarely time to stop, especially on the sidewalk in fear of every native New Yorker that passing you by giving out a nasty side glare. The bag that I carried with me while I was visiting the city last month held just about anything and everything I could possibly need throughout the day, so I was pretty much on the verge of a Mary Poppins situation which meant I struggled to find a lot of things right when I needed them--namely, my iPhone. It was probably the 50th time digging through this black hole of a travel bag to dig out my phone just to check the time when I realized how efficient it would be to have some sort of item created where you could know what time it was by simply lifting your arm and checking your wrist... oh, wait. 

I've had very few watches in my life that I've liked and even fewer that I've loved. Either the color only works for a few outfits, the band is too small or I just don't remember to put it on every day. Whatever the case may be, I've had yet to really incorporate watches into my lifestyle, mainly because my iPhone had sufficed as a good enough time keep and it was one less thing for me to carry; that all changed when I was in New York city this last week. After realizing how efficient it would be to have a watch on me, I was so pleased to connect with Sasqwatch Co., a watch company based right here in the Pacific Northwest making affordable, high quality watches with a design that works for everyone. Their ICON watch is their first official high quality design offered at the low price point of $89. (Yes, you read that correctly, $89!) With Sasqwatch Co. a watch is not just an efficient way to keep time, it's a fashionable and affordable way to keep time.

The ICON watch is currently offered in two styles, I've been testing out one of the After Hours styles in Rose Gold and Black. I've already managed to work it in with a few of my other essentials.

Thank you so much to Sasqwatch Co. for reaching out and letting me be part of your opening campaign. I highly encourage you to check out their website and Kickstarter which ends this Wednesday! If you're interested in seeing more photos, or keeping up to date with them be sure to check out their Instagram page as well!

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