Portlanders Take San Fran

Another "I'm back from vacation" post. I may or may not be in denial about Summer coming to an end.

As some of you may have seen on my Instagram page, I took a little road trip to San Francisco, CA last week with my best friends Toni and Kenzie. We were gone for about 6 days and it was a hell of a lot of driving, a hell of a lot of walking, and a hell of a lot of fun. It was both Kenzie and Toni's first time to the city and I'd say we did a pretty good job of sight seeing. I always seem to underestimate those massive San Fran hills until I'm midway up them praying to God I won't have to walk up another one anytime soon. Anyway, we stayed with some family I have down there and got the chance to see everything from the Golden Gate Bridge to Lucasfilm where my aunt used to work (cue the Star Wars theme). We also got to try a lot of new tasty foods. (S/O to In-N-Out, C.R.E.A.M., Zach's Pizza, and my aunt for introducing us to her delicious Paella recipe.) Usually I'm not patient enough to work with film, but I thought it would be an interesting change if we all had our own little disposable film cameras to show the trip from each of our POV so most of the photos in this post are my favorites chosen from our film camera's. I added a few from my DSLR camera. This was definitely a trip I'll remember and exactly what I needed as a kind of farewell to the most fun productive Summer yet. Before we took off I had T&K give me some of their music so we could have the ultimate road trip playlist. I'll include a list down below of some of my favorites that were played along the way for those of you who, if you're like me, are always looking for some new tunes.

Also, be on the look out for my next post as I have some pretty exciting news about a little monthly addition to my blog. I won't give anything away right now, but I think it could end up being very big help for those of you who are always looking for influence on what you might want to add to your wardrobe during the seasons. Stay tuned!

Much Love

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